We believe that you will not find a more capable iPhone developer to work with your business.

BunsenTech, LLC was founded in early 2008 because we knew that we could build great things for the iPhone platform. We discovered very early that it is not enough to understand the hardware and software, but also the user. To that end, we have dedicated ourselves to beautifully crafting applications that have that unique “iPhone feel”.

BunsenTech is not a group of consultants spread around the world, our world does not revolve around scheduling for time differences or international teleconferences to talk about projects. We are not a factory with dozens of workers toiling away scrambling to complete any project that we can get. We fly in the face of “bigger is better”, we choose our clients carefully, and choose inspired projects that drive us to invest all of our talents bringing the best possible product to market.

BunsenTech has built a team which is enthusiastic about creating projects that shine on the iPhone. We hold ourselves to a high standard, and sweat the details, even if it’s the placement of a single pixel.

The BunsenTech Difference

They say that infinite monkeys on infinite keyboards could crank out the works of Shakespeare. This, however is a lousy way to develop software. That’s why BunsenTech’s team is comprised of experienced and talented engineers and artists, not a bunch of code-monkeys. This isn’t just a day-to-day job for us, we are truly invested in making the best possible product.

There is no doubt that the core of any development project is the code, however at BunsenTech the process starts and ends with the look and interactions of the interface. Before a single line of code is written, we carefully design the user interface for an application. Our artists and engineers work together to develop a project specification which details how the user will interact with the application. This document includes detailed mockups and forces both the artists and developers to understand the entire project and plan around any potential pitfalls.

Our engineering staff prides themselves on producing elegant solutions for difficult problems. Audio signal processing, data acquisition, GPS, image manipulation, and interfacing to external devices are within our capabilities. We can take your “impossible” problem, and give you a creative, technical solution. It’s not magic, but we want our customers wonder “how did they do that?”

Made in the USA

BunsenTech is based in Hartford, CT, halfway between New York City and Boston. All staff have excellent communication skills and are just a phone call away.


We believe in the right tool for the right job. We think that the almost single-minded pursuit of being great iPhone developers is an asset, but we are only one tool in the toolbox. We have a variety of partners to assist us when needed.

BunsenTech has established relationships with PR firms, advertising agencies, hardware engineering consultants, musicians, artists, web development companies, and even other iPhone developers.

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