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There are a lot of talented people and companies developing for mobile platforms, how do you choose who to approach about your idea or project? On the surface most every developer seems to have the required skills to produce quality work. What makes us special are three important virtues: experience, elegance, and vision.


Many consultants will talk about experience. The fact is that the iOS platform is a young platform. Even though we've been writing apps for most mobile platforms from the beginning, we believe that the time spent writing code isn't as important as understanding (and even predicting) the state of mobile development.

There is no better way to understand the mobile market than to be our own client. In the years since BunsenTech started, we've released several self-developed applications, including our flagship product “Dynolicious”. Dynolicious has been featured in Road and Track, Car and Driver, The New York Times, GQ, and other prominant places.

Before mobile development, BunsenTech employees were busy writing software for defense, aerospace, telecommunications, and pharmaceutical industries. We have years of experience working with clients, and working against deadlines.


Elegance is the style and finesse that BunsenTech brings to the iPhone platform. At BunsenTech, art and code share an equal importance. Artists and developers constantly interact and speak each other’s language. This open dialog allows team-members to quickly identify and solve potential interface or code issues long before they become problems.

In the end, every single one of us values quality work, and we would never build something that we didn’t think is the best possible example of what we can produce. Even on the inside, in the areas customers and users will never see.


We are dreamers. We are thinkers. We are doers. We see the iPhone’s capabilities with crystal clear vision, and we know how to push the limits of what is possible. Talk to us, and let our vision show you a few outside-the-box ideas for your app that you’re unlikely to to hear anywhere else.

We are proactive thinkers, considering the project from ten-steps ahead. From the strategic: how does the app fit into your organization’s image and long-term goals? To the tactical: How do we manage your product in the app store to maximize near-term sales? To the minute: Would this button be easier to use if it were a few pixels larger? We are idea-guys with the ability to execute, and it shows in the creative and useful apps we produce.