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BunsenTech was founded, and continues to thrive by producing high-end, automotive specific mobile apps. We have a deep understanding of the culture of the enthusiast, and knowledge of the physics and engineering of cars.


Many consultants will talk about experience. When it comes to automotive experience, BunsenTech is arguably the most experienced mobile developer for automotive applicaions.

BunsenTech has engineered atomotive projects for large vehicle manufacturers as well as international OEM manufacturers, but also small start-up companies (and everything inbetween).


BunsenTech's creation was birthed from Dynolicious, the best-selling automotive performance app on the iOS. We've used that head-start to carve out a unique niche for the company. Our whole team are enthusiasts, and we get excited by anything automotive related.

The Love of the Automobile

Automobiles are more than boxes that get us from point A to point B. They are hobbies, dreams, and objects of affection to many, uncluding us. Understanding and loving cars means that automotive projects mean just that much more to the BunsenTech team.