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The BunsenTech team is constantly pursuing the next-big thing. We are an agile team that excels when challenged and always comes through for our clients. The fact is, because we publish our own apps, we understand the business of mobile better than many developers.


The key to any good application is a well thought-out specification. This specification is the rule-book that a developer should use when building an application. By building a complete specification the developer, artist, and client get a reasonable picture of what functionality the final product will have before a single line of code is written.

User Interface & Graphic Design

Interacting with a mobile device is a different experience than interacting with your desktop computer. As experts in developing for mobile devices, we are intimately aware of the details of building a clear picture for end users. We believe in the subtlety of a well designed user interface, and making apps that just work the way the user expects.


Most applications, once developed, must be published. Depending on the platform, this can be a difficult and time-consuming process if one is not familiar with the potential pitfalls. Fortunately, BunsenTech has the application submission process down to a science, and will make publishing your app a pain-free experience.


BunsenTech provides flexible support options for your application. Our Application Warranty covers not only bugs, but also updates required to maintain compatibility with hardware updates and OS releases. We can provide support directly to your users, or we can simply act as back-up to your own support.


BunsenTech will provide you with access to analytics on your app. Find out when and how your users are using the application. Determine user loyalty and geographic breakdown. Find out how often your application is run and for how long. Determine which features are most popular. Analytics provides tangible data to justify your investment and help plan future projects.

Social Networking

Applications that post directly to social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube get your users to advertise for you. BunsenTech is on the cutting edge of these technologies, and can help you leverage the social network phenomenon.

Internet technologies

The most compelling applications in the marketplace today make heavy use of the internet. BunsenTech’s capabilities include building and hosting the server-side components for virtually any internet-based application:

  • Social networking / communication
  • Persistent file store / sharing
  • Multiplayer gaming
  • Live updates / push technology

Hardware Interface

As experienced low-level embedded developers, we've had our hands in a variety of hardware projects. We can help guide your hardware team to interface with the iOS.