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The easy part is jumping out of the plane, the hard part is racking up a bigger score than your friends, just don’t forget to pull your ripcord before you hit the ground! Take a leap and experience Freefall’n.

Freefall’n puts the excitement of skydiving into your iPhone, without messing up your hair. With it’s intuitive controls, you feel like you’ve just jumped out of the plane. Fly through rings and collect stars to rack up some serious points. It takes only a few taps to jump again (and you don’t even have to repack your own parachute)! Freefall’n takes advantage of high quality aerial photography and an innovative physics model to give players the exciting feeling of free fall.

Play it on easy for a peaceful and relaxing gameplay experience, or step it up to expert for a fast-paced, adrenaline-charged challenge.


Freefall'n was written as a technology excercise. The BunsenTech team wrote the game from the ground up, without using any third-party libraries.

  • Custom OpenGL 3D utilizing lighting effects.
  • Procedurally generated levels.
  • Cutom music engine which responds to in-game events.
  • High resolution textures with seemless transition through multiple tiled textures.

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