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Dynolicious Fusion

Dynolicious is the nexus of your automotive world, giving you the ability to share all the details about your vehicle including photos, stories and performance results with the world.

Sensor Fusion

Dynolicious Fusion uses sensor fusion to combine multiple sensors in your iOS device to provide high-quality results. Each piece of sensor data helps verify and correct data from the other sensors. The end product is a high-resolution model of a user's vehicle.

A siginifant development effort has gone into the develoment of the Fusion engine, and it is unlike almost any other app available for a mobile device. Dynolicious Fusion utilizes the computing power inside an iOS device to produce an accurarate model of the user's vehicle.


  • Acceleration Tests (in 10MPH increments)
  • 1/4 Mile Elapsed Time
  • 1/4 Trap Speed
  • Elapsed Time and Trap Speed
  • Lateral G’s (current and peak)
  • Braking G’s (current and peak)
  • Wheel Horsepower
  • Friction Circle


iOS devices running iOS 6.0 or greater. Optimized for the iPhone 4, 4s, and 5.


Dynolicious Fusion isn't just about the performance testing. BunsenTech built an entire social network oriented toward automotive enthusiests as part of the reslease of Dynolicious Fusion.

Building a social network is a daunting task that requires experience and the knowledge of how to build a system capable of supporting hundreds of thousands of users.


Leveraging cloud-based computing services allows Dynolicious to scale from a handful of users to hundreds of thousands of users without missing a beat.

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