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60beat GamePad

The team at BunsenTech teamed with 60beat to develop the first low-cost full-feature gamepad for iOS devices.

The 60beat GamePad brings a whole new dimension to gaming on iOS. Packing two analog joysticks, a digital d-pad and a total of 12 additional buttons & triggers give gamers a wealth of available control.

Game On

Previously, there has been a lack of gaming accessories for iOS due to expensive hardware requirements. The 60beat GamePad is a unique solution giving gamers the console-style control that they expect at a reasonable price.

“Bringing new innovation to market often requires bridging technical gaps. Working with BusenTech is a true pleasure in this regard. Their vertically integrated approach to problem solving and technical expertise allowed us to bridge those gaps and bring a cost effective solution to market, on time and under budget. We introduced two successful products in the market using this method in a very short period of time.”

Technology Partner

After working with 60beat to help develop the iOS demo app and SDK for the 60beat Heart Rate Monitor, BunsenTech worked closely with 60beat’s engineers to take the technology to the next level, designing a proprietary encoding scheme for transferring low-latency data based on 60beat technology.

Our team created a proof of concept before the 60beat team began prototyping devices. BunsenTech leveraged experience across multiple disciplines help create something unique for the gaming market.

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