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Mustang Customizer

Perfection is subjective. So go ahead, use your iOS or Android device to redefine your idea of the ultimate Mustang.

Reinventing the experience

BunsenTech was asked to develop the Mustang Customizer app for Ford, based on an already-in-development Flash app. As part of this process, we needed to reinvent the user interface. It was important that the app didn't look or feel like a Flash app that was transplanted onto the mobile device.

Although we went back to the drawing board to build the interface from the ground-up, we wanted to stay true to the Flash app so that it was clear that they were siblings. The final product has a refined user experience that is easy to use on mobile devices.

Timely Construction

Although the Flash app had already been in development for four months when the project started, BunsenTech was able to build and launch the app on two distinct platforms (iOS and Android) within three weeks of the launch of the Flash version of the app.

Download a copy for iOS