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Ulysses “Seen”

If you've always wanted to read ULYSSES, but have been intimidated by its size and density, this is a great way in and is a great new way in its own right to experience literature.

In The Press

Ulysses “Seen” received plenty of press when it was launched, both for the quality of the app and content, but also due to the censorship issues in the App Store. Much like the original book, Ulysses “Seen” was originally edited from the original artwork in order to be allowed into the App Store.

After the press coverage, Apple changed their policy for works such as Ulysses “Seen”, reversing their earlier decision and allowing the original artwork to be featured in the App.

The Engine

Ulysses “Seen” was the first book using the “Seen” Engine developed in partnership with Throwaway Horse. This engine is a reusable reader for comics and graphic novels that adds additional content in the form of discussions and a reader's guides as part of the book.

The Partnership

BunsenTech partnered with the team at Throwaway Horse, to bring their innovative graphic novelization of James Joyce’s Ulysses to the iPad. The project received a lot of press in The New York Times and The New Yorker, and pushed Apple to change their view on restrictions for certain content in the App Store.

Download a copy from the App Store