BunsenTech Principals & Leadership

The BunsenTech leadership believes in the idea that you lead by "doing", each principal is deeply involved with each project.

Justin Morgenthau

Justin is the founder and president of BunsenTech, LLC. Justin acquired a taste for engineering while apprenticing in his grandfather’s machine shop, gaining a strong background in mechanical design and fabrication. Justin’s formal background is in computer engineering, with over a decade of experience designing and programming embedded software for both the aerospace and telecommunications industries.

Being both an engineer and a musician, Justin tends to simultaneously apply analytical and creative thinking processes to a problem, often generating uniquely elegant solutions.

Justin’s experience on safety-critical government programs has given him a critical eye for security and safety related software issues, which is evidenced in his robust, high-quality designs.

Benjamin Sweet

Ben is a code-junkie and application architect, having diverse knowledge about technologies and techniques. He consistently pushes the team to leverage advanced programming techniques to solve difficult problems with finesse.

As a former owner of a Fortune 5000 IT firm, Ben has over 15 years of experience in architecting, developing and managing mobile and enterprise projects.

Jonathan Sweet

Jonathan is a curious dabbler, graphic artist, and interface designer. Although he attended school for film and broadcast communications, his real love was always exploring the boundaries of art and interactions with computers. Naturally he has spent many years building, designing, and managing web projects.

Although an artist at heart, he has also been drawn to the logic of machines and has developed strong skills in C, PHP, SQL, and JavaScript. He uses these tools to create a bridge between programmers and artists, creating products that are functional, intuitive, and inspiringly beautiful.